Crystals Up







    Crystals Destroyed



    Press the "Timer Start (15:00)" Button when The Shatterer Lands
    (when 15 minute timer appears in top right of screen).
    You can synchronize the timer with the "+" or "-" Buttons..
    At some point The Shatterer's health will drop below 50% and below 25%,
    after these times Healing Crystals will appear.
    When Health Bar passes 50% and 25%, You Must click the corresponding button.
    (every time it passes.)
    During the Crystal phase:
    You Must click "Crystals Up" Button, as soon as the Crystals Message appears.
    (when you cannot target The Shatterer).
    You Must click "Crystals Destroyed" Button, as soon as they are destroyed.
    (when you can target The Shatterer again).
    Get Data:
    Still working on this, I haven't worked it all out yet. (v1.015)
    I use this button for collecting data.

    Something changes when the Event goes on for some time.
    So, if the Event goes quickly and you click the buttons at the right time, this will work.
    I will update when I know more.
    Experimenting with the 50% and 25% points atm.

    Data collection mode: